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The underlying tenant for both The Mumford Institute and Universal Law is a very holistic approach to life and living, including health and wellness. This includes holistic health. Using a mind-body-spirit approach, The Mumford Institute seeks to present and utilize the most timely and accurate research available, and TMI staff members address health and wellness issues with this approach, as well as offering holistic ways to manage stress, imbalances, even conflicts. Understanding the fundamental triad of a mind-body-spirit approach allows us to guide people toward understanding and balancing all aspects of life, of living, and of health in ways they can live with based upon their own values, preferences, and goals.


The Mumford Institute, Inc (TMI), headquartered in Myrtle Beach, SC, was developed on the foundation of Universal Law. From its beginning in 2001, the role of TMI has been the exploration of what role energy-based universal laws have in our life experiences, through observations of people’s thoughts about relationships, money, and religion. A non-denominational, spirit based, educational organization, TMI was designed to promote understanding among people in the business world of practical aspects of daily living. Based upon spiritual principles, these teachings are shared through the dissemination of information and thoughtful exchange among a wide variety of people.

This approach, based on the tenants of Universal Law (which includes the Law of Attraction), inspired TMI leaders to undertake their most recent project, a book entitled One String of Beads: Stories of Divine Love, Hope, and Diversity, in order to convey these principles more globally. This is a book about faith, and the stories of real people on very personal spiritual journeys. It is a book that is meant to inspire a global conversation, a conversation that comes from a place of Divine love and offers the peace that comes from sharing thoughts and ideas. One String of Beads is a book that celebrates our diverse humanity, and about all of the things about us that are different and the ways in which we are all the same. It is a book of hope for each one of us and for the world, a hope to hold tightly onto and to share generously.

Patrick Wayne Mumford, J.D.

Founding president,
The Mumford Institute

Business Coach, Mediator, Speaker, and Community Educator

Patrick Wayne Mumford, J.D., founding president of the Mumford Institute, was inspired to research and write about Universal Law in 1997. This inspiration culminated in two books, Unlock the Secrets to Success: Laws that make the World Go ‘Round and its companion workbook, Companion Guide to Unlock the Secrets to Success. In addition to writing and teaching Universal Law, Mr. Mumford is a Reiki Master, Certified Lay Minister, a Business and Life Coach, and holds private and commercial pilot’s licenses with an instrument rating.

Mr. Mumford holds a J.D. Degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law and a B. S. Degree from East Carolina University. He was an active attorney for 30 years and is a member of the Bar Associations in several states. Previously practicing in real estate law, business law, and mediation, Mr. Mumford also has practical, real-world business experience, ranging from working as a city staff attorney to acting as the president of a title insurance company and a real estate development company, and the administrative manager of a large progressive law firm. Mr. Mumford previously served as an Air Force missile combat crew commander.

Dr. Elizabeth Diebold, ND, MPH

Vice President, The Mumford Institute

Lifestyle Counselor,
Holistic Health Coach

Elizabeth Diebold, ND has dedicated her life to promoting health and health awareness across the US. An avid researcher, Elizabeth has a particular interest in general wellness, community health, and psychological balance, and her work has appeared in both popular print and industry journals. Dr Diebold says, “My focus in medicine is to bring individual people into balance, uniting mind, body, and spirit. By using the most natural and least invasive methods possible, people will find that they can live long, active, and healthy lives, achieving their own optimal state of vigor.”

Dr Diebold earned the degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College in Arizona. She also holds a Master of Public Health degree and a BSc degree in psychology, is a certified international practitioner of homeopathy, a trained hypnotherapist, certified health coach, internationally certified yoga instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher. Dr Diebold, co-author of One String of Beads with Mr. Mumford, shared in compiling the research fundamental to the books authenticity. She has also participated in research in the areas of alternative, integrative, and wholistic medicine, and is a recognized speaker on a variety of health and wellness related topics. She actively educates doctors, businesses, and the public on the benefits of healthy living, wise lifestyle choices, and the integration of mind, body, and spirit.


One-on-one coaching (virtual) to achieve your mental, nutritional, and overall health goals

Whether you have a medical condition that requires specialized nutritional intervention, you want to manage weight, or adopt a long-term healthy lifestyle, together we can reach your goals. Take action today and develop a sustainable and enjoyable diet plan with expert nutrition counseling online, that fits into your busy schedule.

Coaching provides support to individuals seeking improved health, optimal wellness, and overall balance in their lives, using proven psychological change models. This approach is personal, based on one’s personal vision of their life and environment, and incorporating integrative medicine, self-care, and behavioral change strategies within their own life, priorities, and values. The coach acts as a trusted partner, teacher, and motivator for individuals to find their own best life and health plan. 

You will learn the importance of taking care of yourself, being mindful, and managing stress. Each of these topics are as individual as you are, and the coach will lead and educate you along every step of your journey toward optimal health.

Guidance and support every step of the way toward a healthier lifestyle

Whatever your health and life goals are, I will be right alongside you in your journey toward a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle. The approach is gentle and supportive, while maintaining accountability and forward motion. Based on your own individual story, goals, challenges, and priorities, together we will proactively work in a present and future oriented goal oriented way, uncovering your own best life.

Private Video Counseling/Coaching

Our staff will ensure that your information and communications are held strictly private and secured.

Individualized Lifestyle Analysis

There is no one “right way” to eat, move, breath, or live! Your coach/counselors will work with you, your habits, priorities, preferences, and lifestyle in order to find the unique plan that will work for you over time and adjust it as necessary.

Customized diet plans & recipes

Everyone has their own unique dietary needs and preferences. We know this, and will work with you to find a nutritional plan that you can life with – and enjoy!

Unlimited Email Support

We know that you are busy, and not everyone is on the same schedule. Email makes it easy to have questions answered quickly and in ways that will meet your needs and make your journey to health easy!


Let us help get you on the path to success​

“Dr. Diebold did a great job of understanding the way I work, leading me down the right path for me and providing practical and sustainable ways to improve my nutrition. Together, we managed to change some bad habits, and I regained confidence in my body. I’m now eating guilt-free for the first time in my life! Thanks Dr. Diebold for your counseling and guidance.”
Sandra Hones
Miami, FL
“When my health became a concern, I reached out to Dr. Diebold for education and support in changing some poor health habits. She was amazing at ‘getting to the bottom’ of some health issues, and was kind and understanding when the going got rough. Over time, Dr. Diebold helped me to understand what was behind my behaviors, and how to change what wasn’t working. I will certainly continue to work with Dr. Diebold over time. Thank you!”
Sheri Johnson
Albuquerque, NM
"I started working with Mr. Mumford because I knew I needed to make a change in my life. Today, after four months of online sessions, I can honestly say that my video meetings with Mr. Mumford has changed my life for the better! Not only did I achieve my target goals, but I became a more mentally healthy person, and he provided me with the spiritual tools I need to continue to succeed on my own."
Sam Caldwell
Atlanta, GA

Are you ready to find peace of mind and love the body you live in?

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